About Us

Locally Owned And Operated Since 1987

We take great pride in the fact that we are not a franchise, that we are independently owned and locally operated and believe it’s our hands-on management approach that has helped make our restaurant such a success.

Jack Smith and I, John Scott, are co-owners of Steak and Stein. Jack has been at the helm of the ship since 1987 when he joined forces with the founder of the company, Norman Newman. Newman passed in 1993. At that time there was only the one restaurant — the original Steak & Stein on Tacoma Drive in Dartmouth. In 1996 we closed the doors and opened the restaurant on Portland Street. That was when I, a former employee, became a partner in the venture. Two years later the restaurant in Halifax was up and running.

I am constantly asked what the secret to our success is: “There is no magic formula here. You just have to do your job.Consistency, value, service and quality. In a warm, inviting clean atmosphere.” These are the pillars of our business. We pay attention to our guests’ wants and needs. We pride ourselves on being consistent. Forty plus years in business can attest to that. Maintaining things like staple menu items.

What made us famous over the years is our long talked about Derby-style steaks and our famous creamy coleslaw”. As managers and operators we like to be right there with our staff on the frontline. We manage our business by walking a mile in their shoes daily. It’s about making it more of an intimate experience so a customer truly feels like they’re part of the Steak and Stein family. We work hard at making sure every interaction results in a positive experience for you.

Even the design of the restaurant plays a role in our success. Both locations have been designed for volume, particularly for larger functions such as birthdays, graduations or retirements. The sheer volume of repeat customers over the past 43 years surely reflects the fact that were doing something right. Make your reservation now!


Steak And More: A Happening Place To Be

When founder Norman Newman opened the restaurant in 1973 he introduced the Derbystyle steak recipe. To this day, 60 per cent of the orders placed at the Steak and Stein are the Del Monico Steaks, Derby-style. Steak & Stein has an extensive menu, and many more items than its name implies. After many years of market research and customer evaluations we have a menu that will please every palate. There is no need to go anywhere else to eat. We have many Daily Features that tastes like it came right out of mom’s kitchen. We’ve expanded our appetizer menu, keeping staples like the Great Bloomin’ Onion. It’s such an exciting time at the Steak & Stein.

It’s still the same Steak and Stein you went to as a kid — but now it’s so, so much more. If you’re hooked on their famous Derby style marinated steaks, not to worry — you can still get them. But unlike the Steak & Stein of another generation, it’s not all about the steak.

We love the direction we’re going in, and our customers are loving it too. Be sure to head to your nearest Steak and Stein and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.


Family eating at Steak And Stein

“At the end of the day, what counts is making sure we keep you coming back.”
– John Scott